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The Hub 4 Singles Guide: Things for Singles to do. Singles events. What's on for singles.

Singles Social Groups Guide Melbourne

Last revised: 2 August 2021

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many singles events were still running. They were just being done online. Read on...


- Social groups that run events, activities, etc (Ages: varies)
Emphasis on LOOKS: Low. Emphasis on QUALITIES: High. Looking for LONG TERM: High. Looking for FLING: Low.

There are lots of social groups out there that run good singles events... Dinners, parties, bowling nights, walks, karaoke nights, market nights, escape rooms, and so much more. Here is our guide...

Mojo Mingle

- Different events across Geelong and Melbourne (Age group varies by event - 18s to 50s mainly)

Mojo Mingle runs fun face-to-face events with real people in relaxed, inclusive and confortable environments. Most events have an age recommendation.
The bubbly Sarah hosts the events. She might run an ice-breaker or two so you get to know who is there, and then you do the activity. They might do dinner and bowling one night in Mt Waverley, go hiking in the You Yangs the next day, carve Halloween pumpkins in Geelong the next, then do an escape room in Melbourne the next. We went to the night markets where we did an ice-breaker, had dinner, then wandered around the market together. You could talk to whoever you wanted as long as you wanted, but I'm sure if you were annoying someone, Sarah would step in. She runs things very well.
Well worth checking out... Mojo Mingle.
Note: In this COVID-19 world, she's running some nice online events including, amongst others, the Online Valentine - a computer matched one on one event. Take a look.

Steppin' Out Events

- Events for 40+s in Melbourne

Steppin' Out Events runs a range of events for over 40s. With COVID-19 they're running online events. They have general meetups and topic based nights... Around the Globe, Pet Lovers, Outdoors, etc. Check it out.

Melbourne Social Club - Fun, Food & Friendship

- Singles group based in Melbourne (Age: Seems 45 and over)

The Melbourne Social Club (AKA Fun, Food and Friendship) does a lot of events around the city. They attend a trivia night, have monthly drinks, might run a sailing day, have a dinner or two, run a BBQ and more.


There are similar groups on our Meetups guide.

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Latest reader comments

Melbourne Social Groups
11.07: 18+ MM Mini Mojo Free Demo
Mojo Mingle is holding a free demo event where they'll outline and sample what they do. Online via Zoom. For 18+ year olds. No charge. Sunday 11 July 8-9.15pm. More info.
Sam, Melbourne, Wed Jun 23 23:30:49 2021
Melbourne Social Groups
11.07: 25-55 MM Healthy Brunch West
Mojo Mingle is holding a singles brunch. It's for 25-55 year olds in Melbourne's west. $49-$55+bf. Sunday 11 July 9.30-11.30am in Yarraville. More info.
Sam, Melbourne, Wed Jun 23 23:29:16 2021
Melbourne Social Groups
14.05: 18+ MM Edgar's Mission Animals
Mojo Mingle is holding an event at Edgar's Mission - a rescue farm animal sanctuary. Meet at Aspy Cafe in Lancefield. For 18+ year olds. $5-$25+BF. Friday 14 May 1-4pm. More info.
Sam, Melbourne, Mon May 3 19:04:42 2021

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