The Hub 4 Singles Guide: Things for Singles to do. Singles events. What's on for singles.
The Hub 4 Singles Guide: Things for Singles to do. Singles events. What's on for singles.

Singles Meetups Guide Melbourne

Last revised: 20 January 2023


- Social groups that get up to different activities (Ages: all)
Emphasis on LOOKS: Varies. Emphasis on QUALITIES: Varies. Looking for LONG TERM: Varies. Looking for FLING: Varies.

There are groups on the Meetups website for people over online dating, South East singles, single parents, walking groups, comedy lovers, and heaps of other topics. They put on events and you can go to whatever you want.

The groups outline what they do. Some run ticketed events, some free events, some are almost discussion boards. You sort of have to check through the site and see what grabs you. Some of the groups I've seen are...

Go take a look at the Meetups site and see what you like.

Facebook groups

There are many groups very similar to the Meetups above on Facebook. Do a search to see what's in your area. For example, in outer South East Melbourne there is...

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Melbourne Singles Meetups
Single Parents Abundant in Business is a supportive community group consisting of single parents who want to take their business to the next level.

Are you a single parent entrepreneur, online business, marketer, consultant, salesperson, business leader, startup business or small business owner?

We get together once a month and share cutting-edge ideas, tools and strategies to take your business further faster.

We learn, GROW and evolve to be ABUNDANT in business while encouraging, supporting and INSPIRING each other…..

MEMBERS in our group are…..




· LOVE networking


Single Parents Abundant in Business is a group where we contribute our skills, knowledge and experience to help group members grow professionally and personally, and thus, make a difference in our own lives, our children’s lives and the wider community.

The Single Parent Journey can be challenging, so let's come together and Kick START our business in a supportive, encouraging and inspiring space!!! Be INSPIRED, Share, Create and Build RELATIONSHIPS with Like Minded SINGLE PARENTS. You are NOT alone!

Welcome to our group! We look forward to meeting you at our next MeetUp and hearing what you do!
Single Parents Abundant in Business, Melbourne, Sat Aug 22 15:46:11 2020
Melbourne Singles Meetups
14.07: "Meet the Members" Singles over
At Steppin' Out Events our members come first, they come together and make real connections. We organise the events, so you can sit back and create amazing memories. A place you want to be.
Our regular Tuesday night virtual online parties are closed events for singles over 40. So, if you are looking to meet like-minded people, our online party is the place for you. It is a casual night, come and go as you please.

Everyone registers online, this adds a level of safety and screening to the events.
Steppin' Out Events, Open to Singles Over 40 Victoria, Mon Jun 29 16:42:47 2020
Melbourne Singles Meetups
Dandenong Dating Over 35, Dandenong, Victoria, Sat Apr 25 21:26:11 2020

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