The Hub 4 Singles Guide: Things for Singles to do. Singles events. What's on for singles.
The Hub 4 Singles Guide: Things for Singles to do. Singles events. What's on for singles.

Singles Events Guide Melbourne

Last revised: 2 August 2021

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many singles events were still running. They were just being done online. Read on...


- Winery tours, trivia nights, singles parties, group dinners, balls, etc (Ages: varies)
Emphasis on LOOKS: Varies. Emphasis on QUALITIES: Varies. Looking for LONG TERM: Varies. Looking for FLING: Varies.

There are so many varieties of singles events, and some good companies running them. Trivia nights are great for brainiacs, singles parties have games to meet people, group dinners let you chat with many over dinner. Fun events with other singles. Here is our guide...

Winery & Cider Tours

Winery Tour
- Best singles events we've been on. Singles, wineries, wine, yeah!

Singles Events Melbourne run winery tours and cider brewery tours. We went on a 27-42 event and it was brilliant! Best. Singles. Event. Ever! 20+ single guys, 20+ singles girls, a bus from Fed Square to the Yarra Valley, 3 wineries, a pub for lunch, a chocolate factory, and partying after at Fed square. You introduce yourself to everyone on the bus on the way to the valley and have a great day together. It was an awesome crew to hang out with. And, if you like someone, you swap details.

Trivia Nights

Trivia Nights
- Tables of 6-10 compete to answer questions over drinks and snacks

Singles Events Melbourne (SEM) and a stack of pubs run trivia nights. Generally, a table of 8-10 people work together to try to answer more of the 10 rounds of 10 questions than the other tables. The SEM ones are exclusively singles events. The pub ones anyone shows up to. The SEM ones have tables of 8-10, half guys, half girls. The guys rotate tables from time to time so everyone meets each other. The pub ones you may sit on your own table or you can join another group there. Usually each table has a couple of trivia nerds and everyone else just drinks, chats and chips in answers where they can.

Singles Parties

Singles Parties
- Usually a theme party at a bar, with matching games

Singles Events Melbourne run these. They might hold an '80s party. People show up, possibly dressed in the theme. On entry you might get a card with a cartoon character on it. You are encouraged to talk to everyone until you find someone with the matching card and you get a drink. Those sort of activities encourage people to chat. If you've been to their speed dating, you might know some of the people there. It is a bit more interactive than standing around a club.

Group Dinners

- Have dinner with a bunch of other singles of similar age

You buy a ticket to a dinner. There might be 10 singles, 5 ladies, 5 fellas. You chat over the meal. Some companies organise and rotate seats between courses, some don't.


- Dress up, dinner, drink, dance. Old time, fancy, fun.

Formal balls still happen a bit. Deb balls, uni balls, charity balls etc. Very occassionally singles event companies run them too. It's a bit ol' skool, but great fun. Live like a princess/prince for the night. Masquerade balls, formal balls, under the sea balls, chocolate balls etc. It's good fun.

Social Group Events / Mingles

- Singles people coming together at different events

There are lots of social groups out there that run good singles events... Dinners, parties, bowling nights, walks, karaoke nights, escape rooms, and so much more. See our Singles Social Groups and Meetups guides for more info.

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Latest reader comments

Melbourne Singles Events
24.07: 30+ SEM Back to the '80s party
Singles Events Melbourne's Back to the '80s Singles Party Saturday July 24. Over 30 age group in Collingwood. Totally 80s band, up to 150 singles, prizes for best dressed, match games, free drink before 8.30, DJs and more. Good fun. More info.
Timmy, Melbourne, Mon Jun 28 23:40:31 2021
Melbourne Singles Events
10.07: 18-39 SEM Christmas in July
Singles Events Melbourne's Christmas in July Singles Party Saturday July 10. Under 39 age group in Collingwood. Up to 150 singles, match games, free drink before 9.30, DJs and more. Good fun. More info.
Timmy, Melbourne, Mon Jun 28 23:35:53 2021
Melbourne Singles Events
09.07: 30-49 SEM Disco House Party
Singles Events Melbourne's Disco House Singles Party Fri July 9. 30-49 age group in Collingwood. Up to 150 singles, match games, free drink before 8.30 and more. DJs Miss Jade & Disco Cassanova. Good fun. More info.
Timmy, Melbourne, Mon Jun 28 23:27:09 2021

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