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The Hub 4 Singles Guide: Things for Singles to do. Singles events. What's on for singles.

Online Dating Adelaide Reviews & Guide

Please review your online dating experiences in Adelaide here today.

Last revised: 4 April 2024


- How hot is your photo? (Ages: all)
Emphasis on LOOKS: High. Emphasis on QUALITIES: Low. Looking for LONG TERM: Many. Looking for FLING: Many.

It works for some and not for others, and some sites/apps are better than others. 10% of the guys receive 90% of the attention. It is similar for girls, although a lot of guys try to match with everyone. Most people choose simply off profile photos, so people use the best photo of themselves ever or fake photos. However, some sites/apps do more than others to highlight important qualities. We outline as many as we can here...

First and foremost, you have to find the site/app that works best for you. Here's our guide...

The sites and apps:

Be Naughty (Also known as: Match, Flirt, IAmNaughty, GetNaughty, Meet Me Sexy, CheekyLovers, ClickAndFlirt, Hello Hotties, IWantHotties, MyNaughtyDreams, NaughtyDate, OneNightFriend, QuickFlirt, ShagTogether, MySecretFling, SensualSeekers, WhatBoysWant)

- Fun and playful websites but how many real people are on it?

All the websites above are linked together. A big emphasis on cheeky chatting, which is fun, but they don't hide the fact that company staff provide a lot of the chatting. Some of it is automated. If you put hello in any sentence, you'll get hello back, like a new conversation. Meet Me Sexy is pretty naughty, Match is a bit tamer.

  • You do get in a lot of chats.
  • It is fun and entertaining.
  • You have to work out who is real, and there's not nearly as many people as Tinder.
  • You really need to be a member to do anything.


- Where the cool/hot kids are at

An app very similar to Tinder, but if you get a match, the girls have to send the first message.

  • Very good looking crowd.
  • You can re-order your photos without having to re-upload.
  • Free version is enough and usable.
  • Very photo focused
  • A 300 character description tells you nothing.
  • Girls only have 24 hours to start a conversation after you match. If they have a busy day or get flooded you miss them.
  • It feels like the 30-50 age group are flocking out of Tinder and in here. (Oct '22)


- Some good matching, with more emphasis on qualities than photo-centric apps

Primarily on web. Not a bad one, but we found a lot of scammers on there.

  • Has matching built in.
  • Lots of details in the profile, so you can find some common interests.
  • A good number of members.
  • Only gives you a couple of matches each day.
  • Most of my conversations were with scammers.
  • Not heaps of members in the 'burbs.
  • Not cheap, and you really need to be a member to do anything.

Elite Singles

- For people who think they are elite

Primarily a website. Built around the idea that it's a higher quality crowd.

  • Lots of professional people on there.
  • Some matching.
  • Some details so you can find common interests.
  • Pretty useless if you live in the outer 'burbs. Not enough members outside the city.
  • Some pretty egotistical and arrogant people on there.
  • Have to be a member to get anything out of it.


- Good conversation starters

An app similar to Tinder and Bumble, but you 'like' someone's photo or statement, and then you can add a comment to your like.

  • Your like can be sent with a comment.
  • It feels a bit more fun.
  • Free version is enough and usable.
  • Photos still matter.
  • The descriptions tells you very little.
  • We're not sure it has that many users yet.


- Completely free. An older crowd.

This website gives you access to everything without fees. A good number of members.

  • Completely free, so it doesn't hurt to be on there.
  • You can get into a few good chats.
  • If you're older, this might be ideal.
  • Not the hottest young crowd.

Plenty of Fish

- One of our favourites. Good free version. Matching. Lots of good people on there.

We like this one. The matching emphasises qualities. The website and app have different features.

  • A good free version, with good features.
  • Has matching built in, and provides good details so you can find common interests.
  • Lots of people in all parts of town.
  • You can send anyone a message.
  • We haven't really found any.
  • It's searching doesn't really let you go far from your age.


- Probably the best known website.

It has longevity because it is ok and makes money.

  • Lots of members.
  • A few different ways to find people.
  • It will cost you to be on there.
  • It's built in rejection replies are a bit direct.


- An app, probably the biggest membership

Had a reputation for being for one night stands, but there are more relationship seekers on there these days.

  • Seems like everyone's on it, but it's slowing down now (Oct '22).
  • Ok as a free service and better if you're a member.
  • Easy to use.
  • Extremely photo driven, so if you're not hot, you're ignored, and if you are hot, you'll be flooded with interest.
  • A low percentage of replies from matches.
  • Not much detail if you're looking for something deeper.
  • When pineapple on pizza and doggos is the most important criteria there's a problem.


- Not a bad one, but an older crowd.

Mostly a website, but has an app too. You can get in to good chats.

  • Good to use, particularly as a member.
  • Plenty of users.
  • You can see who is online, making it easy to have a chat.
  • Really best to be a member to get anything out of it.
  • Not the hottest crowd, but there are good people on there.

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