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The Hub 4 Singles Guide: Things for Singles to do. Singles events. What's on for singles.

Speed Dating Adelaide Reviews & Guide

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Last revised: 4 April 2024


- Personality and chemistry shine through in a quick date with someone (Ages: all)
Emphasis on LOOKS: Med. Emphasis on QUALITIES: High. Looking for LONG TERM: Most. Looking for FLING: Few.
Speed dating

Spend 7 minutes with approx 12 different dates. If you tick them on your card and they tick you, the company provides their details and you catch up from there. You learn far more of the important things about a person in a 7 minutes meetup than you can in 70 messages online dating. Personality and how they carry themselves shines through, and there are no fake photos. Someone we know who gets no interest online walked away with 9 ticks. It works and it is fun.

We like it. Worst case scenario you walk away with some funny stories; best case you meet the person of your dreams.

Speed dating

Some things to think about:

  • The crowd at city events is different to suburban ones. City events attract mostly city workers from all over town, suburban events attract people from that region. City is more finance workers, suburbs is more teachers, social workers and tradies.
  • Speed dating events have age groups. 24-35, 30-42, 34-46, 40-55, etc. 30-42 age group events attract people looking to settle down, 34-46 attract more single parents, but every night is different.
  • Although speed dating puts more emphasis on qualities than looks, looks still count. The most popular people get many ticks, so you might end up matching with someone with several matches. You can go from speed dating to being on the Bachelor, but often not.

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