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Brenda Songok
  • Brenda Songok
  • Brenda Songok
  • Brenda Songok

Cheaters Melbourne Australia

Brenda Songok

Brenda Songok is an untrustworthy cheater. You'll be in a relationship with her for months only to find someone else has been too.

She comes across as the nicest, loyal, most loving person, but she's loving someone else as well.

I'm highly trained in body language. She never gave a hint that there was someone else. First I knew, I got a message from a guy saying he was uncomfortable that I was spending so much time with his girlfriend. I asked her about it, and she was adamant he was an ex causing trouble. No change in pulse, no eye movement, no defensiveness, no touch, no negative body action, no word giveaways, no sign of a lie. Yet, a week later, she was with him.

I contacted him after I proved it, and he was shocked to find out she was cheating on him too. We pieced the whole thing together.

She'd been with both of us for months. She told me she was working Friday nights, but was with him. She'd told him she was working Sundays but was with me. She told me she'd gone on a girls weekend but was away with him. She told him she was on a girls weekend but was away with me.

Some of Brenda Songok's cover stories were:

  • Working
  • Studying for assignments, exams
  • Going on a girls weekend
  • Going to a Kenyan event
  • Going to the football
  • Going clubbing with friends

You can't believe any story Brenda Songok tells you. She'll talk about the importance of loyalty, but give you none in return.

Neither of us guys thought she was cheating. Both of us were thinking marriage. Neither of us thought a preachers daughter would cheat. Neither of us had a clue, but it ended up that we both dumped her on the same day.

She lost two rock solid chances at marrying for the citizenship she seeks on the one day.

We couldn't trust her ever again, neither should you.

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

We wonder why she left Brisbane?

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