The Hub 4 Singles Guide: Things for Singles to do. Singles events. What's on for singles.
The Hub 4 Singles Guide: Things for Singles to do. Singles events. What's on for singles.

Singles Meetups Guide Brisbane

Last revised: 4 April 2024


- Social groups that get up to different activities (Ages: all)
Emphasis on LOOKS: Varies. Emphasis on QUALITIES: Varies. Looking for LONG TERM: Varies. Looking for FLING: Varies.

There are groups on the Meetups website for people over online dating, South East singles, single parents, walking groups, comedy lovers, and heaps of other topics. They put on events and you can go to whatever you want.

The groups outline what they do. Some run ticketed events, some free events, some are almost discussion boards. You sort of have to check through the site and see what grabs you. Some of the groups I've seen are...

  • Singles 30's to 60's
  • Comedy Club Lounge Meetup
  • I'm Sick of Online Dating
  • All My Friends Are in Couples & I'm Single
  • Costume, fancy dress up and themed parties
  • The Singles Game

Go take a look at the Meetups site and see what you like.

Facebook groups

There are many groups very similar to the Meetups above on Facebook. Do a search to see what's in your area. For example, in outer South East Melbourne there is...

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